Your Earthworks Solution Team

C4 Earthwork’s formation was as organic as the earth we move. After 15 years of traveling and working all over the U.S., owner and founder, Tim Bradford, wanted to find a way to take the skills and resources he collected over the years and utilize them back home. He returned his fleet of equipment to Anderson, Missouri and created C4 Equipment Rental and Sales. Shortly after, Tim saw the need for more commercial contractors in the area. Combining his 15 years of earthwork experience and already having a vast fleet of heavy equipment, it only made sense to start his own earthwork company. Thus, the creation of C4 Earthworks. Since it’s formation, the company has seen nothing but growth and plans to stay at the forefront of this ever evolving industry.

C4 Earthworks is located in the heart of Southwestern Missouri. Nestled just North of the Arkansas state line, C4 is breaking ground to be a competitive player amongst the area’s vast commercial boom.

With our dedicated and attention oriented staff, we strive for perfection and nothing less. C4 completes all projects with pride and expertise. There’s no job bigger than our dedication to detail and satisfaction. You can’t go wrong when you choose the right company, and we don’t stop until that foundation of certainty is met.